Draft a brief

Our proprietary brief template is designed to inform and inspire creative excellence.

  • Share your business problem and core brand characteristics.
  • Elaborate on target audience, cultural insights and goals.
  • Add media mandatories or ask for channel-agnostic solutions.

Preview all brief template questions here.

Set confidentiality level

Select level of confidentiality to keep projects safe and compliant with any legal requirements.

Choose from three options:

  • Creatives sign a standard NDA for each project.
  • Supply your own custom NDA.
  • Skip the whole NDA thing and let 1000 opinion-leaders spread the word.

Determine the fee

Do the math on what world-class ideas cost on Madison Avenue, then choose from three options.

  • Feet First
  • Head First
  • Cannonball

Why three different price points? Simple. A higher amount will spark more competition among creatives. Currently Feet First generates an average of 12 ideas, Head First 33 and Cannonball about 81.

Brief is released

Once all is defined and client is 100% comfortable, brief is released.

  • Our creative crowd consists of 1,000 vetted idea generators.
  • All are alerted whenever a new brief is available for review.
  • Only after NDAs are signed can anyone review the details.
  • Those interested in the assignment will take on the challenge.

Ideas are generated

Now the creative crowd swings in to action and does what it does best - ideate.

  • Creatives start to take longer showers and carry Moleskines.
  • Higher reward money fuels increased competitive spirit.
  • Members are free to submit as many ideas as they like.
  • Idea submission deadline is seven days after brief posting.

Pick the best idea

This is the fun part. Within one week, ideas pour in for clients to review.

  • Each idea is summarized on a single page.
  • Attachments are optional (e.g., pictures, storyboards, etc.)
  • Winning idea is selected by client.
  • 10 finalists are also acknowledged for their efforts.
  • Clients are free to execute ideas with whomever they like.

Creatives get paid

The winning creative takes the lion's share of the award money, while finalists each receive $100.

  • Award money is released to all winning creatives.
  • Press release acknowledges winner with full creative credit.
  • Produced ideas are submitted to award shows.
For further information, please check FAQs.