Colossal Spark is an invitation-only community of 1,000 top-tier idea generators within the advertising and related industries. These are flourishing right-brainers at the peak of their craft, each selectively vetted through criteria measuring industry recognition and creative track record. Meaning, their work has been honored by the industry's most respected arbiters of creativity. Move to our Awards page to see what they've won, and how many times.

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Maintaining our community of idea people at their utmost potency is central to our business premise. We keep our group fresh and healthy by continuously rotating members in and out. If you seek interesting brand challenges and would like to join us, please request an invitation.


Our creatives have years of experience with major brands. View the growing list of brands associated with them here.


Colossal Spark's crowd is a heavily decorated army. View all major advertising industry awards associated with them here.

Advisory Board

On par with great creative is sound advice. Keeping Colossal Spark's vision and purpose relevant are key as we adapt to marketers' ever-evolving needs. We're in the process of assembling leaders and pioneers to guide us along our first few years. Meet our board here.